Beautiful memories from Singapore Excursion 2013

“We will bear in mind many both happy and sad memories along our life and Singapore trip is a wonderful moment to miss”.
To build more great time interval together as last year- Thailand excursion, we did travel to Singapore in September that raised Uniexport family to a much higher relationship. Our itinerary covers Sentosa, Universal, Vivo city, China town, Merlion Park, SuperTree, Skypark, and Ochard Road.
All first day at Universal, a very famous entertainment centre in Singapore, we experienced utterly free grin and put aside all daily gloominess, fatigue and work pressure. We also got chance to try different themes within 4 playgrounds where we underwent many various surprised and enjoyable sensation. Just as the journey back to childhood, we saw familiar cartoon characters and found the moments in tune with funny and child like rhythm.
Following day, we all together strolled around Ochard Road, Singapore heaven shopping mall, where many well-known brands are located with two long shady tree lines along the street. There we met different racial, they came from different parts of the world; nevertheless, we arrived Singapore for the same thing.

If you intend to visit this Lion Island one day, remember to try chili crab or frog porridge those are two of the most famous species there. Until now, we cannot forget the special taste of crabs; fried buns are combined with delicious sauce. “Wow! Amazing! ” That what we exclaimed at the first time we try this kind of special food. Frog porridge with chubby frogs blend with chopped green onion as well as fragrance of pepper will leave unforgettable flavor.
In addition, it would be a mistake if not mentioning the convenient public transportation in Singapore with subway MRT and bus system. The means of transportation here cost visitors just a little. That’s really a great thing for those who want to visit this country with a limit budget.
Wonderful feelings about Singapore till remain in us and now we return to work with fresh mind than ever. Uniexport – we build what we believe.