Biomass Energy

Uniexport supplies various biomass energy product as a clean renewable energy alternative to fossil fuels such as wood pellet, wood chip, RUF Briquette, cashew nut shell, cashew nut oil to Thermal Power Plant, industries boiler and household
We believe that bio fuels made from wooden material can play a significant role in reducing demand for fossil fuels. We seized the opportunity to develop the renewable energy resource as a significant contribution to meet global energy demands thereby positioning Viet Nam as Asia supplying leader in sustainable, low carbon clean energy


Cashew Nut Shell

Cashew Nut Shells (CNS) is one type of the most abundant biomass tropical wastes which can be used for energy generation.



Commodity: Wood Briquette/ Sawdust Briquette
Briquette Dimension: 15.5 x 7.0 x 9.5 mm