Company Excursion in Thailand 2012

Something little called memory. On this occassion, we got the chance to cement our team spirit!
Throwing back all anxieties, our company made an excursion to Thailand on 2ndAugust, 2012.
To our itinerary, we went to Pattaya for sight- seeing, swimming and got a chance to play water sports as well.
Here at night, it actually went much more brisk. It is still vivid how astonished we were at the first time stepped into Walking Street, looked full of hustle and bustle.  Fun time!
On the street, every where is “Tuk Tuk”. Frankly speaking, the experience of hop on and hop off  “Tuk Tuk” recalled the nostalgia of “Xe Lam”, a transport means used to be very common in the South of Viet Nam in 80s.
Returning Bangkok, we took time to Bobae market, Chatuchak weekend market. If you are shopaholic, you would die in these mazes.
In another part, we realize that bus drivers in Thailand express their “gout” by painting their bus  with very colorful and eye-catching works. We could not leave eyes on these buses once seeing them running on highway.
About cuisine, to enjoy food diversity, we came to Food Court and be impressed by Mango- Sticky Rice, a very nice dessert.
Due to time limitation, our holiday soon ends but our wish to come back here for visiting many other spots is still lively. See you~!