Backpack on and we depart to Malaysia in eager to explore the land regarded as truly Asia.
Though time is limited, we determine to cover two destinations- Kuala Lumpur and Penang during our trip.
At Penang, we have the leisure time visiting tourist attractions such as George Town, Penang Hill and do not forget to taste the resistless allure of delicious seafood here.  Local cuisine impressed us as much with diverse flavors from China, Malaysia to India for selecting.
Contrasting with tranquility in Penang, Kuala Lumpur has brisk atmosphere.  The uptown is crowded with numerous shopping malls. At any corner of the street, there are music bands playing their covers passionately and the food market is right there to serve night eaters. At the heart of the city standing majestically the Twin tower so called PETRONAS Tower, an iconic sky craft with breathtaking view if reaching to floor eighty eighth and become splendid like a torch when the night falling down.
Say goodbye to Malaysia, back to home and we look forward to our next trip. Above all, it is no matter where we go, but the most valuable thing is that our team can spend time together.