Upon anniversary of 50 years ASEAN going through formation and development, on 19th July, the units of Foreign Trade Ministry including: ASEAN, General Economy Department, World & Vietnam journal co-operate to hold the series of conference, exhibition, exchange events “50 year of ASEAN: ASEAN Economic Community (ACE) and opportunity for Vietnam enterprises”.

2017 put the bench marks into the 50 year route of formation and development of the Association of South East Asia countries (ASEAN).The born of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) aims to build an Asian economic space to reinforce bonding, competing, being dynamic and creative and centering on citizens’ benefit.

In the integration process, ASEAN have been contributed new ideas for the development of the community, such as: regional import, service market opening, customs, and origin stipulation. Thanks to these, regional business environment has been improved in terms of cooperation, creativeness, patent protection, infrastructure connect, transportation, FTA with main business partners.

In the conference, the speeches of delegates create the room to share, exchange and give guidance to support Enterprise Community to grab the chance and get ready to confront the challenges laid on the way to integrate AEC occurred at fast speed.


Over view of the conference

Professor-Mr. Hidetoshi Nishimura, the chairman of Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA) share that over the half of decade, ASEAN have obtained huge achievement, ensure the peace and stability in South East Asia region. This is a crucial element for all Asia regions in general.


Mr. Hidetoshi Nishimura (prof.), chairman of ERIA

According to Professor Mr. Nishimura, the prosperity of South East Asia region relies on 3 main elements, briefly named PPN- Peace, Population and Normal Stability. The act of retaining these three requires countries to give extraordinary effort.

He also presented that ASEAN is on the way to execute a sharing market and production region basis which benefit all the member countries and citizen of ASEAN.

In another point of view, Mr. Nguyen Quoc Dung (Deputy FM) emphasized that the birth and development over 2 years of AEC bring Vietnam benchmarks as in reality Vietnam joined the ASEAN integration at the beginning days when Asia Free Trade Association just stared up. Over 22 years integrating into ASEAN, Vietnam economy have gradually tightened relation to ASEAN economy.


Mr. Nguyen Quoc Dung (Deputy FM)

He added, ASEAN become the partner at 2nd rank of Vietnam with Compounded Annual Growth rate occurred at 14.5% over a decade. Bilateral trading turnover of Vietnam with ASEAN increased from 19 billion dollars in 2006 to 41,36 billion dollars in 2016. ASEAN is the third largest market and also the third largest business partner provide cargo source for Vietnam enterprises.

Enterprises soon comprehend the opportunities side by side with the challenges will keep their business on track and take a huge leap in business in long run.


Assistant Minister- Mr. Vu Quang Minh awarded the medal to the representative of Uniexport Co., Ltd Mr. Nguyen Duc Hau (Vice Director)


Overview of Uniexport Co., Ltd’ s booth at the exhibition event.