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Ho Nai 3 industrial clusters – Pioneer in using clean energy on plants’ rooftop


Ho Nai 3 industrial clusters is located in Ho Nai 3 commune of Dong Nai, an area with a rich history in wood product production. With a great advantage of location, the spacious Ho Nai 3 plant is home to multiple businesses.

Currently, the plant produces 150,000 tons of wood pellets I2 and provides 10 for-rent warehouses that suit a variety of production purposes. By the end of 2020, Ho Nai 3 industrial clusters expect to launch a new business with 3MW Rooftop Solar power to provide Renewable Energy not only for production activities but also for the national electricity grid.

An overview of Ho Nai 3 industrial clusters

In recent years, along with the warming of the clean energy application in Vietnam, many areas such as solar power farms, wind turbine farms have sprung up more and more. In order to optimize this application, we have created a completely new direction which is the application of clean power energy (solar power energy) for the production of clean materials (wood pellets). This job creates double benefits for the goal of environmental protection in general as well as renewable energy applications in particular.

Due to the success of this model, we have serious plans to focus on developing more models like this in the future. Currently, the clean energy industry is included in our company restructuring plan and is being proceeded the first steps. We also hope that this dual benefit model will be widely applied by many other companies, creating conditions for a “Green & Clean production environment”.

Renewable energy supply duals with sustainable materials production