Wood Shavings/ Wood Sawdust/ Wood Powder

At Uniexport, we value environmental integrity and sustainability; therefore, our wood sawdust, wood shavings and wood powder products are purely manufactured from legal logs and clean by-products from the timber industry, which helps ease the negative impacts on the environment. Ensuring pure quality, it is strictly prohibited to source from waste material with contamination, making our products 100% wood, and chemical-free.

We supply a variety of forms of Wood Sawdust, Wood Shavings, and Wood Powder.


Wood Sawdust serves several purposes, from animal bedding and mushroom fertiliser to raw material for particleboard manufacturing as well as multiple uses in agriculture and farming.

Types: Mixed Wood, Acacia CD, Pinewood


Wood Shavings are the perfect choice for animal bedding; be it cattle, poultry, or smaller creatures. Our high-quality, dust-free, and well-dried Wood Shavings are well trusted by major farming corporations as well as equestrian farms and horse racing clubs.

Types: Mixed Wood, Pinewood


Wood Powder is finely pulverised wood which is filtered to just the right size for buyers’ needs. Our premium Wood Powder serves various purposes, including WPC, incense, pellets and paper production.