Forging partnerships for sustainable living

A Commitment to Sustainability

With the aim to bring renewable energy to life, Uniexport puts sustainability at the core of our business. From large plantations to small private woodlands, we ensure the raw materials our partners use are sustainable, and all sourcing activities are legal and transparent. Our team strives to reduce the carbon footprint of all production and management activities.
At Uniexport, we not only focus on the products but also on human resources. It is imperative that we strictly comply with labour laws and respect human rights and equality in order to provide safe and professional working environments.


Ethic & Compliance

Professional ethics are a key to development. Honesty and transparency play essential roles in our business etiquette. At Uniexport, we integrate with local communities, respecting human rights while committing ourselves to the observance of labour and environmental standards
In our production and operation, we will:


Treat people with respect and dignity, create fairness and equality for all staff, suppliers and customers

Never deliberately cause anyone harm

Never employ child labourers or force labour

Create fair competition and adhere to anti-corruption guidelines


Comply with rules of the law

Promise only what we expect to deliver

Fulfill our obligations and commitments

Not participate in unacceptable business practices

Ensure safe and healthy working environments

Ensure supply chain transparency

We invite and encourage staff and business partners to stand up if they have reason to believe employees, suppliers, or partners have or are committing illegal acts. We do not tolerate breached laws or actions which violate human rights.

Compliance Reporting