Reasons to use wood briquettes

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In Europe, briquettes have long been a widely used fuel. Briquettes have finally emerged as a competitive option to power your operation because they are small, simple to make, and even simpler to utilize. Many North American businesses are just now realizing the many advantages of making and using wood briquettes.

The trash and recycled scrap from industries like woodworking facilities and lumber mills are used to make wood briquettes. Briquetted wood, which is made of various byproducts like sawdust, chips, and shredded scraps, converts waste into a fuel source and saves on storage and transportation costs.

In addition to coal, briquettes are a carbon-neutral fuel source that uses a lot less energy and is far more sustainable. They can even be used for personal usage in campsites and grills for cooking because they are made utilizing hydraulic force rather than any chemicals.

The heat produced by briquettes consistently outperforms that of cord wood. Wood briquettes produce less buildup in the chimney and flue than cord wood since their moisture content is typically less than 10%. In comparison to coal or wood, wood briquettes also offer a cleaner burn.

Additionally, the production process is simple to incorporate into already in place waste management systems. Just add wood waste to the hopper and turn the machine on. Operating the briquetter requires very little daily upkeep or supervision.

Do the byproducts of your manufacturing process include biomass? Why not utilize it? In addition to being able to burn wood briquettes in furnaces, boilers, fireplaces, and woodstoves, you can also sell any extra on the open market. You may turn your waste into a whole revenue stream by briquetting it.

Do you want to know how your wood waste might become briquettes or how your facility may profit from improving waste management? Get started by getting in touch with us right away!

Market news

Market news

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